• Thermal Shock Test Chambers, Series CTS
  • Thermal Shock Test Chambers, Series CTS
  • Thermal Shock Test Chambers, Series CTS

Thermal Shock Test Chambers, Series CTS

Model No.︰

TS 32

Brand Name︰

Lad Companion

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Unit Price︰

US $ 11800 / pc

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1 pc

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Product Description

Quick Details

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China

Brand Name:Lab companion

Model Number:TS32


Product name:Thermal Shock Test Chambers

Temperature range:-80~100℃

Function:temperature test machine

Power supply:AC380V 10% 50HZ

Type:Temperature Test Chamber R448A

Material:SUS304 Stainless Steel


Certificate:CE Certificate


Warranty:12 Months


Supply Ability

Supply Ability:10 Set/Sets per Month


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: plywood

Port: Shenzhen


Thermal Shock Test Chambers, Series TS


Lab Companion’s Thermal Shock Chamber is an effective tool in subjecting products to a thermal shock test. Thermal Shock Environmental Chambers have a product carrier basket that automatically transports a product under test between separately controlled temperature zones. With built-in viewing windows, users can easily observe the product as it’s transferred between different temperature zones. Thermal Shock Chambers come in a variety of performance configurations to meet specific testing needs and includes the intuitive Lab Companion Controller.

Three of the test chamber configurations include:

A Vertical Orientation Thermal Shock Chamber has two independently controlled hot and cold zones; one atop the other. A single product carrier moves between each zone, subjecting the product to dramatic changes in temperature. An advantage of the Vertical Orientation chamber is it uses less floor space, making it ideal for smaller labs.

A Horizontal Orientation Thermal Shock Chambers has three side-by-side independent zones: hot, ambient, and cold. The addition of the ambient zone allows for three zone testing, which is a requirement of some military standards. This unique and versatile chamber configuration can also be used for two zone tests. This is accomplished by programming the product carrier to automatically transfer the product from hot to cold, and back again, eliminating a dwell in the ambient zone.

A Double Duty Thermal Shock Chamber has a cold zone positioned between two hot zones, aligned vertically top and bottom. Products under test are placed in one of two product carriers and transferred between the zones producing severe thermal stress. At least one product carrier always occupies the cold zone. This design makes efficient use of the chamber cooling system, providing increased product testing throughput over standard thermal shock designs. Heaters are incorporated into the cold zone for defrost, allowing the zone to be operated as a temperature cycling chamber when it is not being used for thermal shock tests.

The innovative technology of our Lab Companion temperature shock test cabinets allow temperature changes up to 100 K/min. The most common national and international standards (DIN, IEC, MIL) are met. The compressed-air dryer system used as a standard allows up to 3000 test cycles without defrosting.


Basic Equipment:

  • capacitive Multi-Touch-Display in the front
  • defined keys for elementary functions of the installation such as start/stop, fixed-value/automatic operation, interruption, light, etc.
  • USB-Connection to save measuring data on USB Stick
  • Ethernet-Interface
  • door with window, incl. LED-lightg
  • 2 digital Out, to switch test specimen ON/OFF
  • shelf, stainless steel
  • entry port, size depending on chamber type
  • single-hand operated door handle, lockable
  • temperature cycling in cold chamber (32, 66, 130 Litre)
  • eco-mode to save energy costs
  • air dryer system to avoid freezing in long-time testing

Your benefits:

  • low consumption data
  • minimum noise level
  • user-friendly operation and programming
  • uniform operation due to identical Multi-Touch-Display for all chamber sizes
  • temperature measuring with Pt 100 in air inlet and air outlet
  • service-friendly construction
  • international standards are fulfilled (CE-Conformity)
  • compact design with small installation area

Test space capacity in litres:

  • 32 / 66 / 133 / 350

Temperature range:

  • +50 °C / +220 °C 
    -80 °C / +100 °C



Multi-Touch-Display with integrated program controller

Test space:

stainless steel grade 1.4301


environmental friendly refrigerants







  • add. shelves and protection for the basket
  • increased temperature range in hot chamber to +250°C (for 130 ltr.)
  • temperature protection for test-specimen
  • add. Pt 100 for temperature measuring on test-specimen
  • CID software for programming and documentation
  • water cooled refrigeration unit for TSS-70/32 and TSS-70/66
  • air cooled refrigeration unit for TSS-70/130 and TSS-70/350
  • add. entry ports
  • higher test load
  • separate machine unit, incl. control unit (350 ltr.)
  • Other interfaces: RS232, RS485 and USB


Type   TS 32 TS 60 TS 120 TS 300
Test Space litres 32 60 120 300
Test Space Dimensions in mm height, appr.
width, appr.
depth, appr.
Overall Dimensions in mm height, appr.
width, appr.
depth, appr.
1820 (2415*)
1820 (2415*)
1820 (2525*)
2450 (3200*)
2160 (2300**)
Temperature Tests          
Temperature Range in °C hot chamber
cold chamber
Adaption time of IC´s < 15 min in kg   2,5 2,5 10,0 25,0
Changing Time in sec.   < 10 < 10 < 10 < 10
Test Load in kg, max.   10 22 50 110
Temperature Fluctuation in K temporally ± 1 ± 1 ± 1 ± 1
Nominal Voltage   400 V +6% -10%, 3/N, 50 Hz 400 V +6% -10%, 3/N, 50 Hz 400 V +6% -10%, 3/N, 50 Hz 400 V +6% -10%, 3/N, 50 Hz
Nominal Power in kW appr. 9,7 9,7 19,0 33,0
Refrigeration Units   air cooled air cooled water cooled water cooled
Weight Cabinet in kg appr. 650 700 950 2500
Noise Level in dB(A)   58 58 < 60 < 68
Entry Ports Ø in mm   50 80 125 125

All figures are average values which have been obtained at a temperature of +25° C, without test specimens, without thermal load and without options. 
* = height with spindle
** = width with spindle drive
We reserve the right to make alterations due to technical development.

Other chamber sizes and options on request.


Contact detail : 

More information , please contact 

Name : Zeming Xue

Email : info@hon.com.cn

Mob : 13662798899 


Payment Terms︰ 50% downpayment ,balance paid before shipment

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